I was super inspired by Shane Snow’s “Side quests” so I made a list of my own. LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT TO HELP...

Attend the world premiere of Game of Thrones

Meet a U.S. President

Paraglide in a foreign country

• Visit every museum in Paris

• Be photographed by Annie Leibovitz

• Attend the Met Gala

• Sky Dive

• Write AND publish a novel

• Travel to at least 75 countries/territories before I turn 40 (34 so far)

• Watch (attend) the World Nomad Games

• Be painted by Alexa Meade

Host a podcast

• Learn fluent French

• Re-watch all of Battlestar Galactica

• Visit every bookstore in SF

• Build a VR App

Visit the Eagle + Child in Oxford (Where Tolkien + C.S. Lewis met)

• Be an extra in a movie

• Attend Comic-Con

Try a pint of Butterbeer

See a bear in the wild

• Explore the underground tunnels in SF

• See the great pyramids

• Hike Half Dome

Visit Yosemite (Can't believe it took me five years of living in California before this happened)

• Perform a spoken word poem

Recite the entire intro to the Fellowship of the Ring in front of a group of people

Try Magic Leap

• Swim with great white sharks

Meet Neal Stephenson

• Change the World...this is a lofty one...any ideas? ;)